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Locman is an Italian watch brand with a fascinating history and a reputation for innovative design and quality craftsmanship. 

Locman: An Excellence of Italian Watchmaking

Locman is an Italian high-end watch brand based on the island of Elba, off the coast of Italy. Founded in 1986 by Marco Mantovani, Locman quickly gained a reputation for its combination of Italian design, high-quality craftsmanship and innovative materials.

Iconic Locman models

Locman has created a series of iconic models that capture the essence of the brand:

  1. Locman Montecristo: The Montecristo collection is a tribute to the island of Elba, where Locman's headquarters are located. Montecristo watches are known for their sporty design and mother-of-pearl dial, which evokes the shades of the ocean.

  2. Locman Mare: The Mare collection is dedicated to lovers of water sports. These watches are water resistant and come with dive-specific features, such as depth indicators and precise movements.

  3. Locman Stealth: The Stealth collection features a bold, modern design, with a contemporary look and rugged construction. These watches are often made of innovative materials such as titanium.

  4. Locman Tonneau: This series is characterized by a tonneau-shaped design, with flowing lines and elegant curves. Locman's Tonneau watches offer a unique aesthetic and a variety of styling options.

Innovation and Italian Design

Locman stands out for its distinctive Italian design and constant research into cutting-edge materials and technologies. The company introduced titanium as the main material for many of its watches, making Locman watches lightweight and durable.

Awards and Recognitions

Locman has received numerous awards in the watch industry, recognitions that attest to its excellence in producing high-quality watches with a unique Italian touch.


Locman's story is a journey through Italian design, high-quality craftsmanship and innovation. With distinctive models and a constant search for advanced materials and technologies, Locman has earned a prominent place in the world of luxury watchmaking, becoming an iconic brand that represents Italian excellence.

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