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Baume & Mercier is a Swiss luxury watch brand with a rich and fascinating history. Founded in 1830, the company has spanned more than a century and a half of high-quality watchmaking.

Baume & Mercier was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1830 by brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume. Their passion for watchmaking has driven them to create high-precision timepieces, skillfully combining tradition and innovation.

Over the decades, Baume & Mercier has made numerous innovations in watchmaking. In 1892, the company introduced the concept of hourly "complication", offering watches with additional functions, such as the chronograph. These innovations solidified the company's reputation for precision and watchmaking craftsmanship.

In the 1920s, Baume & Mercier took a unique direction, seeking to create high-quality watches that were accessible to a wider audience. This vision has given birth to accessible luxury watches, which have attracted a diverse customer base.

A distinctive element of Baume & Mercier designs is their connection to special moments in people's lives. In 1960, the company launched the "Riviera" collection, inspired by the French Riviera, symbolizing luxury and la dolce vita. These watches are often given as gifts to commemorate weddings, graduations and other important moments.

Today, Baume & Mercier continues to create luxury watches with a focus on detail and elegance. The brand has embraced new market trends, producing watches with contemporary designs that capture the essence of the brand.

The history of Baume & Mercier is a testament to commitment, passion and Swiss craftsmanship in watchmaking. With over a century of experience, the brand is recognized for its dedication to creating high-quality timepieces that celebrate the special moments in people's lives. Baume & Mercier continues to be a respected name in the luxury watch industry, combining tradition and modernity in exemplary fashion.




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