The Wedding Rings


 The Wedding Rings

The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the left ring finger hails from the age of the ancient Egyptian.

They believed to have found a vein originating from the left ring finger that reached for the heart.

The wedding rings  must adorn the bridegrooms and seal their love, but also accord to their tastes and needs, a perfect circle that never discontinues, the most precious ring in life, the same which since the ancient time has celebrated the wedding representing love and loyalty.

The ring finger is directly connect to the heart by the “vena amoris”

Unaltered through the centuries in its meaning, the wedding ring just aesthetically evolved according to the current taste and fashion.

Choosing the wedding rings it’s quite important to decide if aiming for simplicity, with smooth rings with just an inner engraving invisible to everyone, containing names of the bridegrooms and date of wedding, or opt for splendor, with diamond rings.

Making this decision we invite our customers to consider that jobs processing your hands to a continuous stress could damage a light gemstone ring much more than a solid smooth ring.

As for thickness and weight, it’s essential to consider hand shape beyond personal tastes: tapered hands could be weight down by an excessively thick ring, while hardy hands could not appraise a slim ring.The weight will depend on the wishes of the bridegrooms themselves: a particularly light ring could seem reductive for some, and be ideal for others.

Whatever is you personal taste, always search for a compromise with your partner: the wedding rings will join you for life, you both deserve to wear them with pride and pleasure!

Whichever is your choice, we’ll be able to satisfy your requests, both with handmade rings and the most eminent designer products: Damiani, Recarlo, Chimento. Fedi matrimoniali