Damiani White Gold Queen Solitaire


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Damiani Minou Collection

solitario damiani queen    A Diamond ring has always been the jewel par excellence. A Diamond is a sign that underlines an event in an unforgettable way – gifting a solitaire ring it’s a pleasure, as it’s a pleasure receiving it as a gift.



solitario damiani queen oro

Damiani Queen Solitaire:

  • Custom stem on demand
  • Available on all sizes
  • Rose Gold Bezel.


DGS Certificate – Damiani Guarantee System.

Damiani certifies the authenticity of its solitaire rings dei propri solitari engraving certification number and the Damiani signature on the stone belt and on the ring, thus guaranteeing its absolute quality and unicity.

Damiani jewels are designed and manufactured in Italy.

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