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Orologio Breitling chronomat Airbone

A unique initiative with Breitling.

30 years later Breitling celebrates the birth of this famous chronograph, the Cronomat, suggesting the Chronomat Airborne, a special series embodies design and spirit of the original Frecce Tricolore chronograh, characterized by the engraving on the backcase «Edition Spéciale 30e Anniversaire» and the Aermacchi silouette, one of the ten aircraft of the italian acrobatic patrol.
Orologio Breitling chronomat Airbone

On the occasion of the new Breitling Chronomat Airborne launch, those who buy a Breitling Chronomat Airborne at official sellers will have the chance to spend a day with the Frecce Tricolori at the Rivolto Military Base; during one of the two days reserved to Breitling, on October 2014 and March 2015, you could live the adrenalinic emotions of a national patrol pilot.

The initiative starts from a long time partnership between Breitling and the Frecce Tricolori, and from an amazing story celebrating the creation of the Chronomat.

In the first ‘80 Ernest Schneider, father of the current president Théodore, learned the Frecce Tricolori- acrobatic patrol of the Italian Aviation- were launching a challenge to choose their official watch. Breitling decided to create a brand new aviation chronograph, customised for pilots: this watch was created in cooperation with the italian patrol. Charmed by this futuristic and highly functional chronograph, the italian ace of air had no hesitations: the official watch of the Frecce Tricolori was introduced in 1983.


Orologio Breitling chronomat Airbone

In 1984 the brand celebrated its first 100° anniversary introducing in its collection the Chronomat, making this model the new interpreter of Breitling spirit.


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